Titan® Greek Cross Necklace

The jewels of the line MAN Titan® are made with Titanium Carbide.

This valuable material is used in aerospace for its mechanical resistance (it does not scratch and does not scratch) and thermal (withstands up to over 1000 ° C).

In addition to these properties, we have chosen to use it in our creations Iside® Man for its brightness and the possibility of making it in different colors.

It is assembled with Stainless Steel to create fascinating chromatic contrasts that make the jewel elegant and trendy.

The Collana Croce B&W It consists of a thick forced chain with a central cross pendant with faceted elements in black titanium carbide, and an external structure in chromed stainless steel.


Technical features

Material: Titanium Carbide, Stainless Steel

Length: 45 - 50 cm


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Size guide

How to calculate the size of a RING

To calculate the size of your ring you can measure:

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15.3 mm 48 mm 8
15.6 mm 49 mm 9
15.9 mm 50 mm 10
16.2 mm 51 mm 11
16.6 mm 52 mm 12
16.9 mm 53 mm 13
17.2 mm 54 mm 14
17.5 mm 55 mm 15
17.8 mm 56 mm 16
18.1 mm 57 mm 17
18.5 mm 58 mm 18
18.8 mm 59 mm 19
19.1 mm 60 mm 20
19.4 mm 61 mm 21
19.7 mm 62 mm 22
20.0 mm 63 mm 23
20.4 mm 64 mm 24
20.7 mm 65 mm 25

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