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The Isis Casket is perfect for storing your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

You will no longer have to worry about woven necklaces or rings and earrings left lying around.

The double compartment ensures a compact design, making this jewelry box easy to store at home, but also perfect for your travels.

It is also equipped with two removable dividers to meet different needs.

The exterior is made of high quality synthetic leather, which is durable, odorless and waterproof.

The interior is made of velvet, to protect your jewelry from scratches.

The Isis Chest is also a perfect gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday or Christmas gift.


Technical features:


Dimensions: 16 * 11 * 5.5cm
Pink color

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Size guide

How to calculate the size of a RING

To calculate the size of your ring you can measure:

Look for the diameter in the table below to find the right size:

15.3 mm 48 mm 8
15.6 mm 49 mm 9
15.9 mm 50 mm 10
16.2 mm 51 mm 11
16.6 mm 52 mm 12
16.9 mm 53 mm 13
17.2 mm 54 mm 14
17.5 mm 55 mm 15
17.8 mm 56 mm 16
18.1 mm 57 mm 17
18.5 mm 58 mm 18
18.8 mm 59 mm 19
19.1 mm 60 mm 20
19.4 mm 61 mm 21
19.7 mm 62 mm 22
20.0 mm 63 mm 23
20.4 mm 64 mm 24
20.7 mm 65 mm 25

How to calculate the size   of a BRACELET

To find your ideal size, wrap a measuring tape around your wrist, just below the bone. Pull the tape so that it is snug, but not too tight.

Write your circumference and we will find the right size for you based on the bracelet chosen or choose from the proposed sizes.

How to calculate the size   of a NECKLACE

In the image below you can see roughly how the necklaces of different sizes fit. Choose yours!